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SKILLS Barbershop by Barber Mo is an exclusive barbershop that offers the best, most luxurious, and quality service for all grooming needs. 

Our brand came from the dedicated passion of Mohammad Mir Ebrahim aka Barber Mo, who was born and raised in Syria, he started cutting hair at the age of 9 alongside his father who owns a Barbershop as a Family Business. Developed his own style and technique and started traveling all over the Middle East to pursue his passion of being a Barber at the age of 13. 

With over 25 years of Barbering experience, he worked day and night to master his craft; Barber Mo has served countless people and almost all nationalities in order for him to know all types of hair, haircutting techniques, and styles.

With all the knowledge and experience he Founded, SKILLS Barbershop by Barber Mo where he developed and improved its reputation as the top barbershop in Dubai. Since then SKILLS has received many awards and recognitions, including the highest certificate of recognition by The Municipality of Dubai as “The Model Salon Award in the Arab Worlda feat that no other barbershop in Dubai has ever accomplished. During the course of the year since its founding SKILLS Barbershop has always maintained its classification as an “A-Class Gold” the Highest Standard Salon given by Dubai Municipality signifying and symbolizing the High Quality and Standards that was maintained by the Barbershop all throughout the years of its operation.

On October 31, 2022 the governing body of the Dubai Municipality has awarded SKILLS by Barber Mo as the Ideal Salon Award for Excellence and Quality Service, the award was presented by the Director of the Health & Safety Department, Dr. Naseem Mohammad Rafee

As a Master Barber, Barber Mo has won a lot of awards and recognition and has been featured in the top publications in the UAE. During that time he has served countless celebrities and VIP clients, like Will Smith, Jay-Z, Shaggy, Diego Maradona, Kevin Gates, Amir ‘King’ Khan, Sergi Constance, Andrei Deiu, P Money, MIMS, Local and International DJ’s as well as International Athletes and Personalities who visit Dubai.

Barber Mo has always been passionate about providing a high quality of service to the people and that’s why he chose Dubai as the perfect place to start up his very own barbershop for people who like to be exclusive, to have an amazing experience, and for people who appreciate the elegance of Gentlemen’s Grooming.

Looking forward to the Future, Barber Mo is aiming to Revolutionize and Evolve the Men’s Grooming Industry starting from Dubai.

Know more about Barber Mo in the Episode 1 of SKILLS Profile entitled “The Journey”

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Why Choose SKILLS Barbershop?

World Class Standards

With experience of over 20 years in the industry and has served over than a 100+ different nationalities with different hair texture and style, Barber Mo has developed his very own standard and principle in Barbering.

And since then has been passed to his Professional Barbers to deliver the same quality of service.

We Focus on the Quality

We Focus on the Quality

Our professional stylists and barbers are specially trained to create the perfect look for your individual style, which industry you are in, your head shape and hair density. We treat each guest as a masterpiece and has his own distinct look to deliver the ultimate experience in men’s grooming and hair care.

Value for your Money

Here at SKILLS we set our standards to the highest level and all the team members are certified with the highest qualifications for Men’s Grooming both in Skills and Knowledge. We provide a much more flexible working time compared to any Barbershop in the market and we work until you are satisfied and get the actual results that you are looking for.

Premium Products

We only use top-notch and premium grade hair and skin care products for all our services and we test the products ourselves for a period of 6 months before we use it with our clients. All our products are approved and certified by the highest grading standards of Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Municipality to guarantee its effectiveness and safe of use before using it with our clients.

Unique Grooming Experience

We want each experience at SKILLS to be as unique and authentic as the people who fill the shop. Thus, we provide only top quality barbering tools with perfect precision that matches our skills and we chose our barber chair that is made with premium and self sanitizing leather that can provide comfort for prolong hours of sitting of up to 5 hours. You can only relax and enjoy the overall experience during your full grooming service.

Privacy and Exclusivity

The only Premium Barbershop in the UAE operating on a high-floor, we offer you complete privacy and exclusivity whilst you are getting your service done and have the time to unwind on the busy life in Dubai. It starts from the moment that you enter our shop and you will be welcomed by our Signature Scents that will help you to relax along with our Classical Jazz Music that can soothe the overall ambiance and vibe, by then the Experience begins.