Our Team

We have a passion for our clients’ true results and a pragmatic drive for action that starts whenever you enter our shop.



Mohammad 'Barber Mo' Aamir

Director of Operations, Master Barber

Director of Operations, Barber Mo, The man behind SKILLS, was born and raised in Syria. Over 20 years of Barbering experience with the changing of styles and generation. In spite of the countless struggles and hardships throughout his life and career, this has never been a hindrance to him to reach his dreams.

Worked day and night, served countless clients with different races, and mastered his craft to its optimum potential, to showcase the world what he considers “The Best Grooming Experience”. He built SKILLS with that foundation and for people who is looking to have an experience not just getting a regular service.


Dale Lim

Marketing Manager/ Multimedia Specialist

Marketing Manager, Dale Lim has over 5 years of national and global marketing experience in different types of Industry. Dale is mostly involved in the Technical aspects of SKILLS with expertise in strategic marketing, multimedia design, campaign planning, digital and social media marketing.

Hairdresser / Barber


Jayson Dionisio

Professional Barber

Professional Barber, Jayson Dionisio studied at a well-renowned institution at Reyes Hair Cutters International School and has a total of 15 years of barbering experience both in local and international combined.

He is very skilled with all types of Hair Treatment Services and is certified as a Facial Expert for Dr. Renaud’s Facial Products.


Michael Romanillos

Professional Barber

Professional Barber, Michael Romanillos a passionate barber born and raised in the Philippines with over 10 years of Barbering experience.

Trained directly with the Master Barber “Barber Mo” mastered the art of FADE, A certified Facial consultant for Dr. Renaud Facial Products, with a background in massage therapy and reflexology.