A Tribute to Diego Maradona from SKILLS Barbershop by Barber Mo

The Story How Our Founder Met Diego Maradona

The Founder of SKILLS Barbershop, Master Stylist Barber Mo, talks about how he met and serve one of Football’s All-Time Great, Diego Armando Maradona from Argentina.

Diego Maradona was an icon for the masses, the embodiment of Hard work and Perseverance, a Loving son to his family, and the person who achieved the highest peak of success.

Diego Maradona holding the Trophy after winning the 1986 World Cup for Argentina

Back When Diego Maradona Was in Dubai

During the time of Diego Maradona’s stint in Dubai, our Master Stylist was able to serve the Football Legend back in 2018 wherein he saw one of his acquaintances having the ‘Ideal’ Haircut that he would like to have, he then requested his PR to contact the Stylist who did the service and schedule the appointment, coincidentally the person that he saw was one of our Master Stylists’ Regular and loyal client for whom he had been serving for about 8 years.

Our Master Stylist mentioned how it was a challenge for him to serve the Football Legend because he doesn’t speak English and he would rely only upon his translator to provide him the communication in order to get the service and Ideal Haircut.

Diego Maradona coaching for Al-Wasl Football Club based in Dubai, UAE

As per speaking with Maradona’s PR there were a lot of rules being laid out and the arrangement for his visit, like you, are not allowed to ask questions nor ask anything extra as well as take pictures during the service, Our Master Stylist felt annoyed by this, but he kept his composure and agreed with the arrangement while being optimistic and confident that he can satisfy Maradona.

Our Master Stylist was confident enough as the ideal haircut that Maradona liked was actually a Haircut that was customized by him personally and he already knows the factors in order to achieve this he just needs to meet him personally in order for him to apply his guidelines as he would always check the overall head structure and hair texture before doing anything.

Our Master Stylist, Barber Mo meets Diego Maradona for the first time

The First Meeting with Diego Maradona

Upon his visit to Maradona’s Villa in Palm Jumeirah, our Master Stylist was welcomed by a loud tune of party music with a small group of people, he then saw Maradona holding a Cigar and Whisky while jiving to the sound. Upon seeing Maradona, he immediately started analyzing and checking for the factors that he needs and to customize the style that can give Maradona his Unique Personal Style or Identity as he would like to call it.

After Finishing the Service our Master Stylist showed him the Mirror in order to check the front and back sides to see the overall style that he designed in which when Maradona saw it, he was amazed and very happy, he spoke to his Translator and said to inform Our Master Stylist, that this was the Haircut that he was always wanting to have since his 58 Years of Existence.

Diego Maradona Signing his Jersey as appreciation for the Wonderful Job of our Master Stylist

Getting To Know Diego Maradona

With the Wonderful and Exemplary service that he received Maradona pulled to the side our Master Stylist and offered to give him anything that he like in his drawers, from T-shirt to Football, he chose to have the Jersey which Maradona was happy to oblige, receiving he also offered to sign it and take some pictures while he is doing it, in which the PR was not very happy to see it but seeing that Diego Maradona himself insists then there was nothing she could do.

This was the start of the relationship between our Master Stylist and Diego Maradona which lasted for a Month until his departure from Dubai.

Our Master Stylist expressed how fascinated he was with the story of Diego Maradona, as the person who reached the highest peak of success, a person who managed to change every place that he passed on and he made it all better than it was before, a loving son that supported his family and the person who overcome all odds and rose to the top, Truly we will never see another ‘Diego Maradona’ ever.


Our Story

SKILLS Barbershop by Barber Mo is an exclusive barbershop that offers the best, most luxurious, and quality service for all grooming needs. 

Our brand came from the dedicated passion of Mohammad Mir Ebrahim aka Barber Mo, who was born and raised in Syria, he started cutting hair at the age of 9 alongside his father who owns a Barbershop as a Family Business. Developed his own style and technique and started traveling all over the Middle East to pursue his passion of being a Barber at the age of 13. 

With over 25 years of Barbering experience, he worked day and night to master his craft; Barber Mo has served countless people and almost all nationalities in order for him to know all types of hair, haircutting techniques, and styles.

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