Beard Grooming Service

Our Beard Grooming and Shaving Service offer the full range of maintaining the overall needs of your beard/mustache. Your beard requires constant sculpting to maintain its health and it’s extremely important to always keep a well-defined and consistent shaved beard that matches with your new haircut.

All our Professional stylists are well trained by the Master Stylist, Barber Mo with the proper techniques and practices for suitable and proper beard care. We ensure that your beard and facial hair will stay consistent and complement it with your new haircut.

The Beard Service Process

Our luxury beard shaping service includes a full shaping & shave that combines the relaxing elements of a luxury wet shave and a facial wash with the precision beard trim done by our professional Barber.

A must for gentlemen with serious beard dedication. Your service begins with a thorough consultation on the current shape of your beard and based on your haircut or head structure the stylist will then provide you with the options best suited for your personal style.

Your service begins with a hot towel, followed by the use of a straight-edge razor to sculpt the facial hair, and is finished with a cold towel to tighten pores and seal in moisture. All towels are dipped in our finest oils which are very natural and not harmful to all skin types. You will then be styled with the mustache wax as required, and treated with our Beard Oil.

We also provide Beard Coloring for a proper touch-up and natural finishing if you have an uneven beard or white hair. Please request a consultation before partaking in the coloring service.

If you want to learn more about our beard grooming service, feel free to Contact us here.

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