Kevin Gates in Dubai and his experience at SKILLS Barbershop

April 5, 2019 SKILLS DXB

Kevin Jerome Gilyard, famously known by his stage name “Kevin Gates”, recently visited SKILLS Barbershop by Barber Mo. The American multi-platinum rapper, singer and entrepreneur has arrived in Dubai a few days back and mentioned his plans to stay for a long time, saying that ‘he is looking to move out his studio here’ in a conversation with the Celebrity Head Barber of SKILLS, Mohamad Mir Ebrahim aka “Barber Mo”.

He has already proclaimed in a post that he is looking to have Dubai, as his second home.


Gates has made his 2nd visit in the shop within a week! and is looking to make SKILLS Barbershop his new place for all of his grooming as well as his crew.


SKILLS Barbershop is located in the Business Bay area in Dubai, at Clover Bay Tower and is run by the Celebrity Barber, Mohamad Mir Ebrahim aka Barber Mo.

With over 20 years of grooming experience, he has served a lot of celebrities, including from his list are Will Smith, Jay-Z, Diego Maradona, Sergi Constance, Kid Ink, P Money, MIMS, OB Obrien, Local and International DJ’s as well as some notable International athletes and personalities.

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