Stand Out! with the Platinum Hair Color

Planning to change your hair color this Summer? Stand out with the Platinum Hair Color! We got you covered here at SKILLS Dubai Barbershop by Barber Mo, located in Clover Bay Tower, #1504, Business Bay, Dubai

Hair Bleaching Services (Platinum Hair Color)

We guarantee that your scalp and hair are safe without any burning or irritation during the process, your hair texture stays the same without any severe damage or breakage… and no orange (color) finishing when the hair color starts to fade out.

Choose the Platinum Hair Color now! Know more about Bleaching on this Article.

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Our Story

SKILLS Barbershop by Barber Mo is an exclusive barbershop that offers the best, most luxurious, and quality service for all grooming needs. 

Our brand came from the dedicated passion of Mohammad Mir Ebrahim aka Barber Mo, who was born and raised in Syria, he started cutting hair at the age of 9 alongside his father who owns a Barbershop as a Family Business. Developed his own style and technique and started traveling all over the Middle East to pursue his passion of being a Barber at the age of 13. 

With over 25 years of Barbering experience, he worked day and night to master his craft; Barber Mo has served countless people and almost all nationalities in order for him to know all types of hair, haircutting techniques, and styles.

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