About SKILLS Grooming Lounge

Your Wellness-Space For Relaxation

SKILLS Grooming Lounge by Barber Mo is your haven for wellness and self-care, The Lounge was made for the man who needs much-wanted peace, detox, and pampering away from their busy and hectic lifestyle.

Our approach focuses on Quality and Results-Oriented Practice and our Goal is to help our clients solve their problems in a Pragmatic approach that is both well-tested and advanced data-driven practice.

Inspired by the passion of the Founder, Mohamad Mir Ebrahim, and his ‘Vision’ to revolutionize the Men’s Grooming industry and completely change the perspective of how people look and perceive their own personal grooming by means of education and strict adherence to the advice of the Professionals.

Mohamad Mir Ebrahim
Founder of SKILLS by Barber Mo

The SKILLS Grooming Lounge is not your usual Nail Spa/Facial Center instead I have greatly developed the overall service and experience along with the latest technology and the most premium products available with a team of highly qualified professionals that are certified from well reputed brands and Dubai Health Authority to deliver optimum results in all the services and treatments that is provided.

From the moment that you enter the SKILLS Grooming Lounge you will be absorbed by a totally unique environment that was built exclusively for a man, I designed the shop in a way that makes all your senses disconnect immediately starting from the warm hospitality from my team, the soothing and relaxing music to your ears, the natural scents that I have customized in order to change your mood as well as the overall visuals that gives a pleasing nature atmosphere.

Our Lounge Services

Manicure and Hand Spa Services

Constant maintenance and professional nail care ensure that your nails remain strong so they can do the job. Our trained nail therapists do much more than just standard cutting and filing.

We also check for signs of problems like sores or fungus that would need adequate treatment, keeping nails trimmed and shaped so they look great to prevent splitting, and keeping your cuticles moisturized and healthy to help preserve that natural barrier.

Facial Treatment Services

Our Signature Facial Treatment will provide you with instant and visible results that you can feel and see after each treatment.  We personalize our services based upon the consultation that we provide you to customize and ensure that the specific facial will be best suited for you.

Our Certified Facial Specialist provides a full analysis report on your skin during the consultation and provides you with a structured treatment plan that will help you to manage all the skin concerns that can last you in the long run.

Pedicure and Foot Spa Services

A Pedicure/ Foot Spa Service is a therapeutic treatment that can be a medical one for some, in which it is designed to improve or maintain the overall appearance and condition of the feet and toenails. Our trained nail therapists do much more than just standard cutting and filing.

There are a variety of pedicure treatments to choose from but most pedicures comprise foot exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, nail filing, cuticle neatening

What Makes Our Spa Different?

World-Class Standards

We have developed our very own signature treatments with a modern and revolutionary approach in performing our services.

Our experts are Professional Educators that are trained and certified from Different International Brands and are up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.

Unique Spa Grooming Experience

Our place was designed as a wellness space for people to relax, chill and clear their minds away from the busy atmosphere of Dubai.

Indulge in our soothing and natural scents that is infused with essential oils that boosts positive emotions, decrease bad moods and lower stress in order for you to enjoy the overall experience.

Bespoke Professional Treatments

Our staff is fully trained to customize each treatment after a careful understanding of their overall concerns.

All our Professional Treatments are based on traditional methods infused with the most advanced training therapy.

For Consultations and Booking:

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