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SKILLS Profile – Episode 2 : “The Struggle”

Barber Mo of Skills Dubai Barbershop

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SKILLS Profile – Episode 2 “The Struggle”


In this episode our CEO Barber Mo talks about his experience when he arrived in Dubai and how much he struggled with the way people look at them and the industry that he is on as well as the experience that led people to not trust the barbers or stylist.


In his perspective being a barber is more than just cutting hair but is a form of “Art” and a form of “Counseling” to help the people to be more comfortable and not make them feel like they are just a client and they are just barbers that have to cut your hair, and that’s it.


Barber Mo discusses how the people (clients) view them as Barbers and why the Barbers struggle to deliver the client’s expectations.

He stressed the importance of understanding the client to avoid instilling more fear and disappointment, that was the challenge for him as he was working as a freelancer before but when he started to apply for a job that’s when he found out about the truth in his industry.


Barber Mo of Skills Dubai Barbershop
He was shocked to find out the weird questions that his boss was asking.

The most common question that every boss or interviewee asks is “How much money can you make for me in a month”? and next to that would be “How fast can you cut hair?”


He was shocked to hear about these questions and nobody even bothered to ask if “How much can you make my clients satisfied?”


That’s when he understood why the people struggle to trust their barbers and why the barbers are struggling to advise their client, because of the misunderstanding as well as the expectations of both parties.

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SKILLS Barbershop is located in the Business Bay area in Dubai, at Clover Bay Tower, and is run by the Celebrity Barber, Mohamad Mir Ebrahim aka Barber Mo. With over 20 years of grooming experience, he has served a lot of celebrities, including from his list are Will Smith, Jay-Z, Diego Maradona, Sergi Constance, Kid Ink, P Money, MIMS, OB Obrien, Local and International DJ’s as well as some notable International athletes and personalities.

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