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In this episode, our Senior Barber @barber.mo talks about the most popular and trendiest haircut/style called the “Fade”


Fade is considered to be the most popular haircut because of its elegant and classy look, it makes the person look sharp and neat that is why it is one of the most favorite types of Haircut that celebrities get due to the fact that it is very fashionable, can go with a lot of different hairstyles and it is perfect for all type of occasion or events.


Why Celebrities love the Fade

Fade is considered to be the most popular haircut because of its elegant and classy look.

There are 5 types of different fade style. It can go High Fade, Mid Fade, Low Fade, Taper, and Mohawk.


The type of fade varies depending on how aggressive you want your fade to look like, if you want to go for very aggressive then you go with the High Fade, if you want a little bit of aggressiveness and at the same time have semi elegant look then you stick with the Mid Fade, if you chose to be more elegant and classy then the Low Fade is for you.


5 Different Types of Fade Haircut

There are 5 Different Types of Fade, and the type varies depending on how aggressive you want your fade to look like.

If you want to have much lesser changes and you just mainly want to maintain your look but neater then the Taper is for you, Lastly, If you want to be more funky and stylish then the Mohawk is the best for you since it also can be aggressive depending as to how you chose to be depending on your hairstyle.


Once you’ve decided on the fade type the next process is to choose between the 3 types of finishing, 1st is the Dark Smooth finishing, Light Smooth finishing, and the Bald Skin finishing.


We decide the finishing based on your Head Structure, Hair Texture, Your Job or Industry, Age, and Hairstyle, all of this needs to be considered in order to achieve the proper or best result of the fade. That’s why it is very important to have the proper combination of the fade type and finishing.

Proper Fade Haircut and Finishing

It is very crucial to have the perfect blend within the type of fade and the finishing.

That’s it for this episode, if you need any tips and advise on how to help you get the haircut that you desire, watch my previous video on “How to get the best Haircut with any Barber” and if you have any questions with regards this topic do leave a comment and I will make sure to answer all your questions.


See you next episode.

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