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In this episode our Senior Barber @barber.mo talks about how to get the best haircut with any barber.


TIP # 1 – Forget about the guidelines of your previous barber.

When you are dealing with a new barber you need to know that the guidelines of the previous barber just don’t work because each barber is different, along with different mindset, techniques and understanding on the different haircut and style.


Forget about the guidelines of your previous barber

Forget about all the guidelines, numbers, etc. from your previous barber.


TIP # 2 – Understanding your Hair Texture and Head Structure.

The are different types of Hair Texture as well as Head Structure, before your next haircut make sure that you are well aware on which category you are in so that you can have an idea which type of haircut is best for you.


Different Hair Structure and Types Different Head Structure or Face Shapes

Different type of Hair Texture and Head Structure (Face Shapes)


TIP # 3 – Share details with your barber.

The most important question that you should share with your barber is “When was the last time you cut your hair? With this information the barber can assess and visualize how your hair usually grows and know how short or long he can go based on your preference. As well as when you have some spots, scars or mole that you want to cover, this also helps with the finishing.


Sergi Constance sharing details with Barber Mo

Your hair history is important.


TIP # 4 – Know the difference between the “Haircut” and the “Hairstyle”

When we talk about the “Haircut”, it is the process of how the barber cuts your hair by using the clipper or scissor, and it can be a fade, gradual haircut or longhair haircut. That makes it the foundation for the hairstyle. When we talk about the “Hairstyle”, it is the process of how you style your hair by using the right hair product, blow-dry and with proper hair condition. The Haircut is the foundation and The Hairstyle is the finishing.


Haircut by means of clipper

The Haircut is the Foundation, The Hairstyle is the finishing.


TIP # 5 – Trust the Barber

First of all, Barbers are Artist and they are the master of their own craft, so when you trust your barber you give them the opportunity to be more creative, more comfortable that can help them you give the best haircut by being calm and tell them your struggle and what type of haircut that you desire.


Trust the Barber

Always TRUST the Barber.

That’s it for this Episode, I hope you guys learned all about how to get the best haircut with any barber.


Leave a comment down below if you have any questions.


See you on the next episode.

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SKILLS Barbershop is located in the Business Bay area in Dubai, at Clover Bay Tower, and is run by the Celebrity Barber, Mohamad Mir Ebrahim aka Barber Mo. With over 20 years of grooming experience, he has served a lot of celebrities, including from his list are Will Smith, Jay-Z, Diego Maradona, Sergi Constance, Kid Ink, P Money, MIMS, OB Obrien, Local and International DJ’s as well as some notable International athletes and personalities.