Hair Grooming Services

The SKILLS Hair Grooming Experience is unlike any other, designed by our Master Stylist, Barber Mo we provide a thorough consultation process and we try to understand all your concerns and worries. We provide feedback and suggestions for your hairstyle and we educate you on how to maintain that look until your hair grows back and we need to do another haircut.

Expect that we have the utmost patience to listen to your problems and always be free to ask us unlimited questions. Book your Appointment with the best Stylists in Dubai.

The Haircut Process

Our highly trained and experienced barbers begin with a thorough consultation before he starts your haircut. This would ensure that we have a clear image of the style you are looking for and that all of your requirements are met whether you need a regular haircut or a FADE haircut.

We also listen to your concern and ask you what is the style that you dreamed to have that nobody ever delivered, based on that we provide you honest feedback on what is possible and what is not.

After the haircut, your hair and scalp will be cleansed and prepared using the invigorating ingredients of our Natural and Organic Haircare Line. This is very important as you are living in a tropical desert climate that makes your hair dry and frizzy because of too much heat exposure, thus we always educate our clients to go with a proper natural/organic hair care regime.

Following the blow-dry, the barber will style your hair and teach you how to achieve the results at home using our organic hair styling range.

If you want to learn more about our hair grooming service, feel free to Contact us here.

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